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Want to be a part of Genesis? We’re looking for talented and dedicated individuals to join our team of volunteers to help expand our organizations and promote our cause.

Ready to Help Change the World?

Genesis is a brand new organization, having publicly launched in April 2018. We imagine a world where everyone works together for the common good and there is no more suffering and corruption. We are bringing this image to life by uniting individuals and organizations under a single cause, and this is your opportunity to be a part of that.

At our current stage, we are working to establish the necessary platforms and grow our following so that we’re able to build up the funding and support required to cause change on a massive scale. Our ambitious goal evolves around a detailed plan that extends over the next 60 years. Like any long journey, it begins with the first step, and we’re reaching out a hand so that you can take it with us.

Anyone has the power to change the world, you just need to be crazy enough to try.

Volunteer Positions

We have a variety of roles we need to fill in order to make our vision a reality. These positions are unpaid, however, if you end up being a valuable team member, we’ll consider bringing you on full-time as funds allow.

If you have a specific proficiency that you don’t see listed, contact us anyway! There’s a good chance we can find a place for you on our team.

Social Media

Writing & scheduling posts and engaging with the community.


Writing content for our websites and blogs.


Community management & moderation, recruitment, support.

General Positions

We have a variety of other tasks if you want to get involved, but don’t possess any of the previously listed skills. Among these are ideation, testing, research, and general assistance.

Designers & Developers

Do you do any kind of design or development work? We’re looking for independent contractors to work on our client’s projects through Uniqe. Pay is on a per-project basis, and work cannot be guaranteed at this time.

We’re also looking for part-time volunteers to work on our own projects and those of our partners, who we are currently offering all of the services provided by Uniqe for free. This includes any and all forms of graphic design, web design, UX design, animation, web development, app development, programming, etc.

Volunteer Benefits

You get a number of benefits from being a member of our team, especially if you have your own idea for a project or organization you would like to start.

Helpful Community

Our team consists of highly dedicated and spiritually aware members, so you get to engage and collaborate with like-minded individuals who will be happy to help you out with anything you need.


You will have the ability to request funds for anything you need, whether it’s education, equipment, or your own independent project. If we believe it’s a worthy investment, we’ll transfer the funds once it’s approved.

Project Assistance

If you’re interested in starting your own project, such as a website, app, business or nonprofit, we’ll help you with everything you need to get it going. From ideation to implementation, we’re with you every step of the way.


As a volunteer, you’ll have the ability to immediately partner with us if you decide to start your own project. This means you’ll have free access to all of the services offered through Uniqe, including graphic design, web development, marketing and web hosting.

You Get to Be a Part of Something Bigger

This is your opportunity to get on the path to making real change in the world, the kind of change that will affect billions. It all starts here. Let’s change the world, together.

Ready To Get Started?

Just tell us a little bit about yourself and how you’d like to help out. Make sure to mention any notable skills!

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