All of our active projects and movements.

The Genesis Project

Our primary mission and end goal, where we aim to shape the planet and create a better future by providing solutions to issues we face today. The Genesis Project connects our various other projects and movements.

Tier 2 Projects

Large-scale movements focused on a particular set of issues. These projects usually have multiple organizations and smaller projects within them.

Project Unity

Uniting people under a single cause to help the planet and change the world, despite the differences we may have. Only together do we have the ability to cause massive change.

PROJECT Archstar

Spreading enlightenment and bringing people together through spirituality to encourage individual improvement on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Tier 3 Projects

Smaller, single projects designed to provide a particular solution to certain problems. Not quite a movement, but still significant to our cause. This includes things like the development of specific platforms and community projects.


A social network and application suite with the goal of bringing people together through technology and providing free software solutions to everyone.

More Coming Soon

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