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Social Partnership

For non-profits and social enterprises

We each want to do our part to help the world, but there’s no reason we should do it alone. In this industry, there are no competitors, so why not join forces to work towards a common goal? If you want to help people, we want to help you. We’re looking for like-minded organizations that are willing to collaborate with us and work towards improving lives and making the world a better place.

What You give

Support for the movement and willingness to collaborate.

What We Give

Support for your organization or cause.

Promotion of your organization, cause, products and services.

Access to exclusive offers from our affiliate partners.

Access to our free services, including website development and graphic design.

What You give

Support and financial contribution to our organization.

What We Give

Support for your business.

Promotion of your business, products and services.

Affiliate Partnership

For businesses wanting to provide us with special offers

If you have a product, app or service that you think would be valuable to us and our partners, we’d love to promote you. All you need to do is provide us with a special discount that we can offer our nonprofit partners and we’ll start sending them over.

What You give

Free or discounted access to your products, services or platform for our social partners, and/or a commision to us for referrals.

What We Give

Support for your business.

Promotion of your business, platform, products or services.

Promotional Partnership

For Organizations wanting to promote us

If you want to promote our organization and movement on your website, social media, or in your local community,  we’ll happily do the same for you!

What You give

Promotion of our organization and movement.

What We Give

Support for your organization.

Promotion of your organization, website, products and services.

Join the movement

Interested in a partnership, or want to learn more? Send us an email, give us a call, reach out to us on social media or submit the form on the right.


Want to work with us as an individual? If you don’t have a business or organization of your own, consider joining our team and working within Genesis or our child organizations.

If it’s something you want to pursue, we can even help you get your own project off the ground!

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